KT Designs does not distribute any client information. All information submitted to KT Designs will be confidential. A temporary password will be used while designing blogs, and it should be changed upon completion of the design.
Blog Platforms
KT Designs only works with Blogger Blogs.
Refund and Revision Policy
Due to the nature of design work, I do not give any refunds. Once your payment has been received, the design process has begun. I will do one revision for the final blog design. After the one revision, I am complete with your blog unless further payment is received.
Order Cancellation
All orders can be cancelled prior to payment. After payment, there shall be no order cancellations.
Design Credit Agreement
The client agrees to host a KT Design button on the completed blog giving credit to both KT Designs and the Design Kit Designer. The button will link back to KT Designs and back to the kit designer's website. It can be moved anywhere on your blog, but as long as you are using the design created by KT Designs, the button must remain somewhere on your blog.
Blog Updates
Purchased Blog Design does not include any further updates upon blog design completion. All files for purchased blog design will be deleted upon design completion.}
Commercial Use
Blogs that will be used for commercial use must be disclosed to KT Designs as "for commercial use" and a design kit allowing commercial use must be selected.
Client Provided Elements
All client provided design elements (including photos) must be the property of the client or the client must seek permission from element owner prior to submitting to KT Designs. KT design is not liable for any client provided elements.
KT Designs only accepts Paypal payments. Once your payment has been submitted, the client agrees to all said terms and conditions of KT Designs.